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Open and Print the Ordering & Application Forms by Clicking one of the 2 Blue Buttons below.

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Once your ordering form and application is completed there are 4 ways to apply.
1. Fax in your Application and Ordering Form to (559) 297-4223 . . . . . . . (24 Hours per Day)
Processing time currently is about 1-3 business days or less for faxed in applications.  If you have any problems faxing from your fax machine,
you might try faxing from Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, UPS store, Kinkos or similar store.
2. CALL in your Application to: (559) 297-4271

3. Mail in your Application and Ordering Form to:
World Christianship Ministries, PO Box 20030, South Lake Tahoe, CA.  96151

4. E-Mail your application to us as a PDF for JPEG attachment to our E-Mail address:  wcm@wcm.org (or) admin@ordain.org

Processing time for mailed in applications is currently about 1-3 business days or less once the application is in our hands.

If you would like your information and application packet mailed to your home or business address, complete the form below.

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My interest is: Ordination Bible Study
Double check your name and address before clicking the SEND button.

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World Christianship Ministries
P.O. Box 20030
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